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Eating Habits Management Course

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Eating Habits Management course teaches individuals how to become more aware of the habits they have formed consciously and unconsciously. The principles and practices shared in this course —when applied correctly and consistently—will help you to transform the way you think about food and your behavior towards food. Learn how to navigate the food chain of life by finding the broken pieces of your relationship with food. Build a healthy trust of food and explore the path of our ever changing world of food production. Build an understanding of food and its effect (positive and negative) on our bodies, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Discover the power of nutrition in creating a balanced, vibrant life. This course empowers you with practical knowledge and strategies to implement healthy eating habits that align with your unique needs and goals. You will get 21 days of impactful learning that will change you from "zero" to "hero." During the 21 days you will participate in live sessions with the instructor, participate in guided projects, answer discussion prompts, take quizzes, learn from reading, listen to presentations from guest speakers, and participate in specialized group support sessions. Enroll now and embark on a journey towards a healthier, more balanced you. Let’s start transforming your life, one bite at a time!

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