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About Us

If You Get Better Nutrition, You Can Enjoy a Healthy Age

At Jacqueline Harper’s Multiplex Services, LLC, it’s about becoming someone who chooses healthy, inspired, living because it’s who you really are. 

We help clients who continue to struggle with building good eating habits and those who find it difficult to commit to a healthy lifestyle.

We help clients go from having poor eating habits and health practices to developing healthy communications between their mind and their gut

We help individuals develop sound practical eating habits that will help them ward off possible negative health outcomes later in life.

If you are seeking true behavior change, which is ultimately true identity change, then don’t waste another day, we can help you go from zero to hero. Don’t waste another day, contact us today.


We Transform Lives

Jacqueline Harper's Multiplex Services

​No matter where you are in your health improvement journey, our passion is helping individuals who need extra support to achieve their health goals. We began our journey in 2023 in response to the mental and physical health challenges people faced during and after the pandemic. 

Our programs cater to those who need proper education related to how to eat to support better health outcomes for their body and prevent future negative health impacts that come with lack of education and poor choices.  Most people just need an extra push and proper coaching to take their health to a higher level.  We can help.  We transform individuals by providing them the knowledge and skills to learning healthier ways of living. 

These newly acquired skills can be applied to lose weight, manage weight, or just live ailment free.  Using the latest research-based interventions and strategies, we provide quality learning experinces online and in-person at our health retreats.  Both learning mediums provide practical daily eating habits strategies, mindfulness techniques, and a multitude of self-help strategies to foster wellness and resiliency, with the goal of maintaining optimal health and weight. 

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How to start

Start building health today!

Join us on this empowering journey and unlock the path to a healthier, happier you. Sign up for our course, and or coaching services now and embark on the transformation of a lifetime!

Here’s what your gain:

Empowering Habits


Confidence Boost


Mindful Eating


Disease Management


Long-Term Strategies


Empowering Habits

Confidence Boost

 Learn how to

cultivate healthy

habits that last

a lifetime,


you to make




Say goodbye to doubt and insecurity! Gain the confidence to navigate food choices with clarity and conviction.

Mindful Eating

Discover the power of mindfulness in your relationship with food. Develop a deeper awareness of your body’s signals and cultivate a more mindful approach to eating.

Disease Management

Long-Term Strategies

Uncover the hidden beliefs and thought patterns influencing your food choices. Transform the way you think about food and break free from self-sabotage.

Say farewell to

yo-yo dieting!

Learn practical

strategies for



to a balanced

diet and lifestyle,

ensuring lasting

results .

healthy diet

Passion for Helping by Changing Attitudes about Food Choices and Removing Barriers to Sustainable Health 

While  there are some debate about details of a healthy diet like low carb versus hi protein diet, most people can agree that healthy eating begins with making better choices.

Just like many other aspects of your life it’s how you think about health as well as some of the challenges that you have to confront that makes choosing to get healthier  seem so much more difficult. Your attitude about food and weight  some time make it difficult for you to get started and or continue a healthy lifestyle. 

If you want to get healthier you have to open your mind and be willing to try different foods and make some lifestyle changes. Our holistic coaching strategies will help shape your attitude about your overall health. Whether it’s cost, time, temptation, or knowledge-deficit, we help you overcome barriers to establishing a healthier lifestyle.

We help you examine these barriers a little more closely because for some, these barriers are real challenges, while for others —they are excuses.

We are passionate about helping people get healthier.  With so much going on in the world today, and so much stress and  challenges, it’s easy to just do nothing and comfort yourself with all the pleasures of life. Just remember that it’s never to late to build new habits. We can help you! Join our community and surround yourself with like-minded people who will encourage you to meeting your goals. We have the support you need, book a call now to get started on transforming your life.

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