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online health course

Online health courses

We’ll cover everything from understanding the why behind your eating habits to help you conquer emotional eating. Each day, you’ll receive research-based strategies, valuable insights, actionable tips, and practical exercises to put into practice. 

What you will receive:  Five self-paced modules with 21 days of impactful content. 

Module 1: Foundations of Healthy Eating*

Module 2: Breaking Habits

Module 3: Sorting through Fad diets and misleading information about food

Module 4:  Long- term, sustainability and maintenance

Module 5: mindset and behavioral changes

Online Meditation
Healthy Morning
Online Medical Consultant

Holistic Health Coaching 

Drinking teas,sprinkling herbs on our foods and popping supplements are not
uncommon aspects of our Western culture. We mostly do one separate from
the other, and with little consciousness of how one substance impacts the
other and the little impact it has on our health when done in isolation. 

At Jacqueline Harper’s Multiplex services. We coach you on how to bring all
of these components together in one balance approach to wipe out most
common ailments, prevent certain diseases from getting worse, and take your
health to a higher level.

With three different types of program packages to select from, clients receive
initial assessment, comprehensive evaluation of current health status, goals and lifestyle,
habits, biweekly coaching sessions, personalized action, plan, email and phone
support, end of program evaluation.

Program Packages Include:

Two month program package: $455

Three month program package:$715

Six month program package: $1170

Health retreat

Health Retreat

Join our future community of health-minded people.  We are in the final planning stages of forming a beautiful oasis for our health enthusiast.  Stay tuned to find out the date of the grand opening so that you can be one of the first to receive a discount code and save  when you sign up. Leave us your email on the registration page and we will add you to our community interest list.


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