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Jacqueline Harper’s Multiplex Services, LLC 

Welcome to Jacqueline Harper's Multiplex Services, LLC  where we provide a
variety of health building programs to empower clients with the
practical knowledge and strategies to improve thier overall well-being.  

Our services cater to those who want  to make healthy habits a part of their

We use a three prong approach towards helping clients find their intrinsic

Most importantly, we understand that everyone has their own base of know-
ledge on nutrition, diets, and how to eat.
Therefore, our first approach is to strengthen client’s base of knowledge by
teaching them the most recent research based strategies and proven practices
on nutrition, while at the same time, disputing ineffective diet trends and
practices that keep them stuck.

Our second approach is to assist clients in applying newly learned knowledge
under the guidance and support of a health coach.
Our health coaching sessions help clients to identify the mental and environ-
mental obstacles that are keeping them from sticking with a health regiment,
while at the same time, give them nutrition and lifestyle strategies that
will help them harness more willpower and self- discipline.

Our third approach, include real time, face-to-face, teaching and coaching by 
way of health retreats.  This is where we teach clients habit change from the 
inside out.  This is done in real time with health professionals,
  instructors, chefs, and therapists at one of our secluded retreat locations.

Whether clients participate in one aspects of our program or all programs 
that we offer, it is without a doubt that our clients become someone who
now chooses healthy, inspired living-- on an identity level--where follow-
through becomes automatic. 

At Jacqueline Harper's Multiplex Services LLC, we teach individuals
how to make healthy, empowering habits that last a lifetime. 

Online Health Courses

Holistic Health Coaching

Health Retreat


Welcome to JHMS

Improve Your Health

Let us help you improve your health and well being.  No matter where you are in your health building journey, our holistic health coaching program will provide you with  strategies to empower you to take control of sugar cravings, regulate your appetite, manage insomnia, reduce inflammation in your body, build your digestive health, and manage other conditions that are negitively impacting your life and or that require you to be on medication.

Welcome to JHMS

Learn how to eat to prevent disease

Many people lack the internal motivation, the willpower, and the self-discipline needed to stick with a diet and health building regiment. At JHMS, we help people become someone who chooses healthy, inspired, living because that’s who they really are.

Welcome to JHMS

Restore your energy

People are overworked, overstressed, under nourished, highly anxious, fogged in the brain, inflamed in the joints, and walking around with leaks in the gut. It’s no wonder most people do not have the energy to sustain daily physical and mental activities.  We coach people on synergistic eating using herbs, teas, and supplements to help restore their energy.

"We Offer Multiple Services to Better Health "

Online Courses - Health Coaching - Health Retreats

Learn how to become more aware of the habits you have formed related to food choices and eating practices. Transform the way you think about food and your behavior towards food. Develop  the willpower and self- discipline needed to stick with a health building Program.

Online health courses

  Health Building Course

Introducing our groundbreaking course on Eating Habits Management: A Journey Towards Cultivating Empowering Habits And a Positive Mindset Around Food.  This course offers a transformative experience like no other. 

Health coaching

Health Coaching

Our Holistic Health Coaching programs comes in several program packages.  All programs are virtual utilizing, phone video, and chat methods of communication. 
Our coaching  will help clients feel better immediately.  We help clients learn how to manage stress and increase energy.  In addition, our coaching programs teach clients how to shop for healthy foods, how to find healing by synergizing teas, herbs, and supplements with food, and how to  incorporate exercise into their health building program. Moreover, our health coaching program teaches clients how to improve their mental and emotional feelings about health and body image as well as, motivate them towards harnessing their Spiritual connections and growth.

Health Retreat

Health Retreat

Just imagine sitting down to a healthy breakfast. Then going outside to participate in a yoga class, and afterwards on to the spa for a massage.  Later in the afternoon participate in a training on one of our holistic health building topics like gardening, fermenting vegetables, or soaking nuts and seed to
name a few.  Then, as the sunset sit by the pool and sip on a healthy green smoothie. Afterwards gather for a healthy evening meal with other health minded people. 

You will be able to indulge in all of this and more at one of our  upcoming health retreats.


Every journey has a beginning.

Discover the power of nutrition in creating a balanced, vibrant life. Our programs empower  clients with practical knowledge and strategies to implement healthy eating habits that align with their unique needs and goals.

Embark on a journey towards a healthier, more balanced you.   Enroll in our course, work with one of our holistic health coaches, or come to one of our retreats.
Let’s start transforming your life, one bite at a time!

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"Client Testimonials"


Debbie Atkins

Jacqueline change my life in many ways. When friends ask me about how much weight I have lost, I tell them it’s not about what I have lost but about what I have gained. Jacqueline helped me to find qualities that I  didn't expect from a health coaching and fitness program.  I have found confident in my ability to walk a normal distance.  I have greater daily function. Most importantly, I have dignity knowing that I have done my best to continue to work my way back to good health. My confidence has gone up. I am glad to have found Jacqueline as a food counselor and health coach.

Debbie Alston

Bernice Hilton

I have often wondered if Jacqueline trained Beyoncé, Rocky, or any other famous big star, because she is so tenacious! Jacqueline has been such a motivational person for me. She is always so positive, and she is such a professional. Every session that I have had with her, she has always given me some form of health/fitness, literature to read, a recipe that is delicious, yet, low in fat or some suggestions on how I can incorporate healthy foods into my diet to burn even more calories.

I am always motivated to attend my coaching sessions with her, because every day is a new day with her. She keeps things interesting. There is never a dull moment with Jacqueline; if you are serious and focus, she will get you the results you are looking for.

Elaine Ruffin Bobbitt

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The Balanced Plate

The Balanced Plate

Using the Synergistic effects of food,teas,herbs and Supplements for Optimal health.

​​Jacqueline A. Harper

Care about nutrition for your health

Care about nutrition for your health

If you have struggled with incorporating nutrition into your health and fitness lifestyle before, no problem, we have taken all the guest work out of developing a comprehensive health program. 

Our coaching sessions include meal planning and exercise recommendations.

100% Organic

We know that fad diets do not provide long-term results. We help each client analyze lifestyle, habits that interfere with achieving a healthy body.

Optimal weight gain

Each client is coached on how to coordinate exercise and healthy eating into a game plan that will help them reach their goals.

Diet Health Service

Clients are given food recommendations and taught how to self monitor caloric intake after being assigned a caloric range and nutrient breakdown targets. 

JHMS Holistic Health Services
Optimal Nutrition

Passion for Helping by Changing Attitudes About Food Choices and Removing Barriers to Sustainable Health 

While  there is some debate about details of a healthy diet like low carb versus hi protein diet, most people can agree that healthy eating begins with making better choices.

Just like many other aspects of your life, it’s how you think about health as well as some of the challenges that you have to confront, that makes choosing to get healthier  seem so much more difficult.

"We believe that nutrition does not have to be difficult or confusing, nor should you feel restricted in your food choices"

We Give You Inspiration For Living a Healthy Life

We Give You Inspiration For Living a Healthy Life

Tap into your Spirituality as you would with other life challenges and weaknesses.

Temptation can be a serious issue when it’s long-term consequences lead to health issues. If you are experiencing a strong desire to act in a way you know is not good for your health or well-being and struggle with these feelings, a Holistic Health Coach  can help guide you to a deeper knowledge of the connection between the mind and gut. 

Book a call today or sign up for one of our holistic health coaching packages to get started.

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